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This Hidden Universal Code Lets You “Dream It, Do It, Profit” In Just Eight Steps...Beginning To End! 

Read On To Discover The Easy-To-Follow Plan That Connects Your True Passion To The Most Profitable Business You Can Start Today
From: Ric Thompson, Successful Online Entrepreneur, Founder of 6 Businesses, Bestselling Author 
Re: How To Get Your First Passion-Based Business Established & Profitable In Just Eight Steps!

Dear Friend,

Im going to start this letter off with a couple of “inconvenient truths.”

Hope that’s okay with you ;-)

Ric Thompson

Here’s the first truth: I’ve seen a lot of businesses launched online that are purely there to make profit. They don’t serve a higher good or vision, and they certainly don’t serve people from a compassionate, human-based perspective.

Here’s the second truth: I’ve also seen a lot of “starry eyed” entrepreneurs who want to start a business around their “passion,” who say they really want to help people - but they crash and burn right out of the gate…

...because they won’t follow some basic rules of business (that even the most well-intentioned of us simply have to accept as Basic Laws of Survival).

Here’s the third truth: I’m not interested in helping EITHER ONE OF THEM.

Here’s why.

You see, I personally come from a background of wanting to help people…and make a difference in the world…

But I ALSO understand the importance of numbers, facts, and the “bottom line” - which, if you ignore, will quickly kill your efforts dead in their tracks.

I’ve started multiple successful businesses, and coached and helped hundreds of clients over the years, and I’ve seen first-hand how focusing purely on either side of things can end up backfiring on you in the end.

If you just try to “make a buck” you will ultimately end up shooting yourself in the foot, because the Universe is actually set up to help people who help others...and if you’re not, well, at some point there’s payback. Either spiritually, or financially, or both.

On the other hand…

If you just try to go out there to “help people” but you don’t do your due diligence, and pay attention to some Basic Laws of Survival in the business world, you will quickly find that your business is failing fast...and the number of people you can help as a result, is in the single digits.

Neither of these scenarios is what we are going for here.

Fortunately, there IS a middle ground, and a path that can lead you to both big profits and big contribution to humanity...but you have to understand something about where we come from (way back in ancient times) first...

The Forgotten “Universal Code” For Success In Business 
(We’re Missing Out On Today)

Believe it or not, the Ancient Mayans actually knew a secret to success that most people in the world today aren’t even aware of...

But because of my history as both a successful online businessman AND someone who builds my businesses around my passions…

There was a point in my life (15 years ago, to be exact) when my wife, Liz, and I stumbled onto a secret that changed everything for me…
Not only in the way we did business, but even in the way we conducted our lives from that point on.

(Just FYI my wife Liz is an amazing entrepreneur in her own right, and we make excellent business partners, running several businesses as a team).

Now, as I was saying -  
This secret that the Mayans discovered was a code that was engraved on an ancient calendar, which, when it was finally decoded by scientists and linguists, was revealed to be a system that they used to determine “how to be successful” during THEIR times. 

It seemed to be composed of a 4 part system, that showed those who knew how to read it, not only what to do when -
But who should do what - based on an intricate, detailed set of calculations that allowed them to know things like: 

  • What your true strengths are
  • Who you will get along (and work with) best
  • What you should - and shouldn’t - be tasked with doing
  • ​When to plant and when to harvest
  • ​And even who to consider marrying 
Now of course, many of the things that the Ancient Mayans were concerned with, that they hoped for success in, and that their lives revolved around, are no longer HUGE concerns of ours…

Like when to plant corn, for example ;-)

However, what Liz and I discovered is, if you remove the specific things that the Mayans were using their system for, and replace them with things that we are concerned with achieving in our modern day and age -

The system STILL works astoundingly well.

In fact, it works better than anything we’ve ever come across for predicting the viability of any venture - and showing you what to do next, when, to succeed.

We were so impressed, we decided to turn the ancient secrets of this Mayan Wheel into a modern, 4 part system that anyone could use.

So, in the end, we spent 10 years tracking down the details of the code, researching the calendar and how to use it…
And then testing the code on ourselves and a handful of private clients who consented to be our “guinea pigs” to the tune of 1K per month just to take our theory and see if it worked in the real world.

Spoiler alert: It worked like crazy. They never wanted to go back to doing business without it!

When we saw the results they (and we) were getting, we decided we needed to get serious about getting this secret out into the world where it could do the most good.
So, we boiled down everything that really worked dependably into a system that is extremely easy to use but still incorporates everything you need to quickly “decode” your true abilities and the best path to take to move forward in life.

We called the result the “Power Quadrant System” -

And just in the past 12 months alone, we’ve sold 2500 copies of this life-changing program, in 93 different countries, and changed thousands of lives because of it…

 (and the success stories keep pouring in). Okay, so...

Why Am I Telling You All This? Here’s Why.

After I saw how well the 4-part Power Quadrant System worked to make our LIVES successful, I thought I would start applying it to my business, just to see what happened.

And what happened is that everything from starting a business, to running it, to increasing my profits - became 100% easier, more predictable, AND more satisfying, when these ancient secrets were applied.

It’s not some kind of “magic” or “stardust” that made this happen, either.

It’s because this is a very logical, step-by-step process that allows you to separate, follow, and fine-tune the best way to do things -
Whether it’s: 
  • Deciding what type of business to go into
  • Knowing who to partner with or hire
  • Timing your product releases and launches
  • ​And even how to create your product
Using the 4-part Power Quadrant System, it turns out, just made it 100 times more likely that everything I did...every decision I made...every venture I embarked on...would be likely to be the right one, to align with my values, AND to be extremely successful. But maybe you still have questions.

Q: “Is Dream It, Do It, Profit Right For Me?”

A: “That depends.”

If you’re someone who cares deeply about people as well as dreams of making it online as a successful entrepreneur, and you want to make a difference in the world while making an honest profit, then this program is perfect for you. On the other hand...

If you only care about making a buck, and don’t want to contribute to the world in a positive way, this probably isn’t for you.

Our Ideal Candidates Generally Are In One Of 3 Stages:

NEWBIE Your dream is to have a successful online business that gives you the freedom to work from home doing what you love, but you’re just getting started and have little to no online business experience. This program is what you need to get up and running smoothly.

PROFESSIONAL You have already been selling goods or services online but aren’t as successful as you’d hoped. You need a bit of an overhaul to get the focus, clients and profits you really want. If this is where you’re at, this program can help you reach the next level.  
SEASONED ENTREPRENEUR You’re far from a beginner; you have a very successful offline business (or maybe multiple businesses) but so far your success has been concentrated offline. You really need to move things online now. This is the perfect program to help you make the shift.   
If you see yourself as one of these three types of entrepreneur, then “Dream It, Do It, Profit” is exactly what you need to launch yourself into the next stage of your career. 
Now, you may be wondering...

If This Secret Is So Powerful, 
Why Don’t I Just Keep It To Myself? 

Well, as you can imagine being the type of entrepreneur I am - NOT just focused on the buck, but needing to help people and make a difference in the world too -

Once I discovered a secret that could help brand-new entrepreneurs (and even seasoned ones who are trying to launch a brand new product) avoid the pitfalls that await most - I think it’s said 80% of new businesses fail? -

And knowing I had a system on my hands that could help you launch a successful business right out of the gate, just by following the steps exactly (rather than going through failure and heartache for years first) -

I simply couldn’t keep this to myself. So...

Here’s What I’ve Got For You Today

Now, I didn’t want you to have to go back and decode this ancient calendar yourself...AND I didn’t even want you to have to take the 4-part system we created to help people with their daily lives, and try to apply it to your business, like I did…

So here’s what I’ve done.

I’ve taken everything I know about starting and running a successful business simply from the purely practical, logical side -

And everything I know about applying the Universal “code” of the Power Quadrant System to business -

And packed it all into one easy-to-follow, eight part step-by-step system that anyone can use to launch your first business (or a new product) from scratch!


The “Dream It, Do It, Profit” System

The ONLY Step-By-Step System To Launch A Highly Successful, Ethical Business Model From A-Z Using The Ancient Secrets
Of The Universal Code!

MODULE 1: Introducing the Four Quadrants 

  • How to quickly get any project done from concept to creation
  • What exactly the 4 Quadrant Method is and how to utilize it for strategic project management
  • The little known secret about time that will enable you to continuously leverage your most valuable resource 
  • ​The major mistake so many beginners make that causes them to settle for less
  • ​And More!

MODULE 2: Dream It Phase

  • Discover the questions you need to ask before making a single move
  • Learn how to unlock the full potential of your big ideas and passions 
  • Find out what it takes to navigate the future possibility of your dreams
  • ​Begin to realize what a solid foundation really looks like in terms of building from that aha! moment to making it your reality.
  • ​And More!

MODULE 3: Think It Phase

  • Ric introduces you to a wake up call when it comes to understanding the intricacies of the market
  • Learn how to gain incredibly valuable insight into the minds of the people you want to be profiting from.
  • Become fully prepared for the challenges, opportunities, and pleasures awaiting on the road to your first successful sales. 
  • ​Get a general idea of how you will go about solidifying your 90 day plan
  • ​And More!

MODULE 4: 3-Step Sales Funnel - Part 1

  • Familiarize yourself with the 3 critical steps required to get your first sales coming in
  • Learn about how an opt-in page works and what you need to make it strong 
  • Find out what to do once you begin getting your first opt-ins 
  • ​Discover the formula essential to gaining prospects and converting 
  • ​Get in depth advice on successfully planning the launch of your projects
  • ​And More!

MODULE 5: 3-Step Sales Funnel - Part 2

  • Learn how to make a simple "sales page" that will sell your product in an easy and straightforward way! 
  • Learn Ric's technique that requires no sales or writing experience at all!
  • How to turn a new customer into a repeat customer... immediately
  • ​How to avoid the common mistakes that even the "gurus" make
  • ​And More!

MODULE 6: Creating Your Product

  • Become fully aware of the biggest obstacles you'll encounter when creating your first ever project
  • Learn from the mistakes the experts had to make on their own journey to success so that you don't have to learn the hard way. 
  • Get an enormously helpful look at the key factors of product creation
  • ​See what kind of price points will put you at the highest success rate in the least amount of time
  • ​Realize what your first product should consist of from a practical standpoint, so you don't get stuck in "failure to launch" scenario!
  • ​And More!

MODULE 7: Task It Phase

  • ​Understand the different kind of outsourcing resources you will have access to
  • Learn how to develop a strategy and delegate your tasks appropriately
  • Find out the little quirks of the tasking phase that can make your project move forward seamlessly
  • ​Become an expert at navigating the moving parts of tasking out your project
  • ​And More!

MODULE 8: Do It Phase

  • ​Receive the final pieces of the puzzle to successfully complete your first project
  • ​Learn about all of the fastest, easiest, and cost effective tools for all facets of your sales funnel 
  • Get a peek at what it looks like on the other side of the learning curve, where you will be transformed into the expert marketer 
  • ​Find out just how efficient you will become at creating new projects, launching them, and generating limitless sales potential
  • ​Come full circle on the 4 Quadrant Method and apply it to every new project you dream up moving forward
  • ​And More!
Ok, so as you can probably see…

This One-Stop Complete System Covers EVERYTHING You Need!

Including Everything You’ll Need To:
  • Make sure your business or project idea aligns with your strengths and values and has the greatest potential for you personally and financially
  • Take it from the “idea” stage to the “complete ready to launch” phase
  • Launch your business or project (including sales funnel) successfully 
  • ​Begin profiting from your first project - while dreaming up your next!
Ok, so you could try to literally “reinvent the wheel” and go out searching for a business plan, project launch system, AND a way to do it all using the Universal Code laid out in the Power Quadrant System yourself...
But why go to all that trouble when I’ve done all the footwork for you? 

Imagine how much easier it will be to just grab a copy of this complete system now, “press play” on module one, and get started building your own successful venture in the next few minutes!

PLUS: Free Bonus If You Order Today

For every order that comes in today, I’ll throw in a copy of my 5 star rated bestselling book, Outsource This Now: How to Triple Your Profits Through Smart Outsourcing”

This is a quick read that will show you how to quickly and easily outsource a team to support you and your business once it’s up and running (or how to start doing so if you already have a business going now).

This is essential if you don’t want to get sucked into and trapped in the boring “day-to-day details” that can be best done by somebody else, leaving you to focus on innovation, vision, and growth. Just another reason to get this package today! 

So...What Will It Cost Me?

Now, I’m sure you realize that programs like this normally cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars (and often have ongoing membership fees or dues on top of that), just to get started. 

And in fact, the true value of each module alone is $156...which would make the proper cost of this course exactly $1,248

However, that’s not how I’ve priced it, and the reason for that is twofold:
  • I’ve been where you’re at now. I remember what it’s like to be trying to launch my first product - and know how hard it is to just get the wheels turning. I admire your persistence, courage, and ambition as a fellow entrepreneur, and I truly want to do everything I can to help you succeed.
  • We are experiencing extremely difficult times. Let’s face it - while it’s probably the number-one best time there’s ever been to get a business going online - it’s also a time when many simply don’t have the resources they normally would. 
So, with those two points considered, what I’m doing here is doing my part to help every ethical entrepreneur out there who wants to, have a fair chance at being able to get up and running online and turn their passion into profit now!

This is what we need in the world right now.

So here’s what I’m going to do for you today, since you happened to land on this page and are ready to go full speed ahead.

Normally, like I said, this program SHOULD cost $1,248

And, if I were to sell it to you today and my “normal” actual price (the whole thing for just the cost of one module) it would be $156

HOWEVER because we are experiencing extremely challenging times, and I want you to have absolutely ZERO reason to not get your foot in the door and launch your product or business using this method today…

I’m going to simply let you choose your own price from the options below - IF you can order from this page before you close it today.

The “Dream It, Do It, Profit” System

Here’s how my special pricing scale works:

As I mentioned above, this system is the perfect solution for 3 different kinds of entrepreneur, in 3 different stages of their business career.

So what I’m doing is offering 3 different price levels that you can choose from, based on your current entrepreneurial stage (and your ability to pay).

NOTE: I do need to be reimbursed for my costs in creating this program and getting it out there - but I also want you to be able to get it no matter where you are financially. So please choose the level of payment that you feel honestly represents you right now: 


You are just getting started and have no online business experience


You have been selling goods or services online but aren’t as profitable as you wish 


You have a successful offline business but really need to move online now
Your Price For The Entire Package: $1,248 $156

Choose Your Own Price Special Today!

Hey...Don’t Waste Another Moment Deliberating:

As they say, “Success Loves Speed” - so if you’re serious about launching your passion-based, highly profitable business or product now, I highly encourage you to take me up on this incredible offer now.

I’m only giving it away for the price you choose here and now - if you go anywhere else you will only be able to find it for the regular price listed above.

And in fact, if you order today I will also include my...

“Launch Your Business In 60 Days” 100% Solid Gold Satisfaction Moneyback Guarantee 

Here’s my promise to you: If you go through your 8 module “Dream It, Do It” program and for any reason don’t feel it was worth your investment, just drop me a line and let me know, and I’ll happily refund every penny. I don’t want you to own this if you’re not able to put it to good use - my only desire is to help honest entrepreneurs succeed, and if this doesn’t do that for you, I don’t need your money! It’s that simple.

YES! Give Me Instant Access To My “Dream It, Do It” System Now...So I Can Get My DREAM BUSINESS Going ASAP! 

The “Dream It, Do It, Profit” System

Your Price For The Entire Package: $1,248 $156

Choose Your Own Price Special Today!



You are just getting started and have no online business experience


You have been selling goods or services online but aren’t as profitable as you wish 


You have a successful offline business but really need to move online now
Thank you for reading this letter today and considering using my program to jump-start your new business venture. 

I truly hope this “practical but spiritual” approach will appeal to you as much as it did me, and help you start the kind of business you can be proud of...

As well as profit from for years to come!
Ric Thompson with Liz, his wife and business partner
Ric Thompson
Creator of “Dream It, Do It, Profit
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